Cinnamon oil factory: Spot the best of them

Knowing a reliable nearby cinnamon oil factory helps traders to optimize returns by saving logistics charges and ensuring product quality.

Brief information about cinnamon oil factory

It is important to keep in mind two things below:

Definition & Processing procedure

A cinnamon oil factory is a place where cinnamon bark or leaf is cleaned then goes through a steam distillation process to get the oil. 

The majority of producing factories are likely to focus on manufacturing products, while marketing and retail selling sections are not their most vital concerns. 

Cinnamon oil definition

Popular sites of cinnamon oil factory

4 countries considered as hotspots of manufacturing cinnamon oil are all in Asia, which are Vietnam, Indonesia, China and Sri Lanka.

Buying directly from cinnamon oil factory: Pros and Cons

  • Normally, if traders buy cinnamon oil directly from manufacturing units, they will get a really reasonable price because there is no need to pay any intermediary sides. 
  • Besides, verifying the product quality and factory validity is also an advantage of buying from a reputable cinnamon oil supplier. Traders don’t have to worry about low-quality goods or fake factories.
  • Meanwhile, most of the factories are located in scared-populated areas to capitalize on their large areas, so it is not easy and convenient to get to them.

Steps to spot a prestigious cinnamon oil factory

To approach a high-quality factory, buyers need to assess 2 things:

  • The standards of a reliable one: Having a clear profile, a  good background and obtaining product quality certifications
  • Scamming signs: Vague contact number and factory address, offering too low price and early payment requirements.

Top 3 best cinnamon oil factory

Having said that, brand marketing is not the biggest concern of a cinnamon oil factory, so finding them is not as easy as finding a prestigious cinnamon exporter. Recommendation of 3 best cinnamon oil factories.

Ajmal Biotech Pvt Ltd

Located in New Delhi, India, the factory’s site is convenient for domestic as well as foreign customers to visit and purchase cinnamon oil.

K-Agriculture Factory

During 25 years in manufacturing fields, K-Agriculture Factory is proud to be one of the most trustworthy manufacturing units in the nation. The quality product of K-Agriculture is always ensured and its customer service is excellent.