In this article, we will introduce you to the important elements to create 3D renderings of KDI building – K-Render’s latest project.

General introduction about KDI Building

In the first part, we will give you some information about the KDI Building.

Input data of the project

The input data of a project is how much space it has, the characteristics, how the materials will be prepared, what is the desired style of the customer ? Do they have a 3d model for the house.. That’s what we want to know when we receive a client’s project on 3d design and rendering.


For KDI Building, this is a rare time we can try the office building genre. It will be a bit new compared to the private house projects that we have worked on like previous projects. Besides the many differences that k-render needs to consider, we still don’t want to turn down this project. Basically to increase our qualifications as well as our portfolio to a new level. This can attract more customers.

Layout of the KDI Building project

Here, we will introduce the layout of KDI Building


  • The large meeting room is the largest room of the office
  • The office and parts of the company will work together on a single floor..
  • Reception room and lobby of the company’s office

The 3D rendering process of the KDI Building project

In this next section, we will introduce the important elements in the rendering process of the KDI Building project. We invite you to follow along and refer to Dream ville home!

Materials and materials selected for decoration in the office

According to one opinion, the office is a place of work, showing seriousness and tranquility. Therefore, the furniture as well as the utensils do not have to be too prominent and colorful. This will reduce the seriousness of the work we are doing.

  • Instead, we should use simple, useful objects for work as well as know how to arrange the office as well as the desk and the overall workplace neat and polite. Create a sense of seriousness and excitement at 3d rendering services of K-Render Studio work.
  • Therefore, the owner of the room directly expressed his desire to use wooden furniture to give the office a cozy space, and glass to help keep the offices warm from each other. Simple accessories and decorations will also help make the office less boring. Employees are more motivated and more productive.

Color and light in the office

The next factor is the light and color of the office. What makes KDI Building different from other offices is the color scheme in it.


  • Firstly, from natural light to lamp light, we all want to be able to provide our customers with the most efficient and correct workspaces.
  • Secondly, besides designing, we are also willing to undertake the work of rendering 3d paintings for KDI Building. Therefore, the responsibility that we need to complete when receiving this project and fit with The best 3d rendering prices in Vietnam.

Angle for each room of KDI Building

Finally, the angle factor of KDI Building.


We are always aware that this factor is the most important factor in the entire 3D rendering process of this project.

  • Next, we will advise customers on special and basic shooting angles for them to make the final choice for their 3d furniture rendering services suit for you and KDI Building project.
  • After choosing the right angles, we will begin to do the final steps of the rendering project. During the implementation, we always consult and solicit the wishes of the customer.
  • Customers are always very satisfied with the working process of K-Render. The picture quality we provide to our customers is all high quality with 1080p resolution. Therefore, customers can completely visualize the entire space of the project they are working on.


For more information, please contact K-render Studio’s email for immediate advice. Hope to have the opportunity to work with customers for a long time.