The working process of Dream ville project of K-Render Studio

In this article, we will introduce you to K-Render’s latest projects. To know more about Dream Ville project details, this article will be for you.

Overview of the Dream Ville project

With the first part, we would like to introduce the initial parameters of Dream Ville.

Dream Ville Data

With private projects like this one, we’ve done a lot at K-Render. We have a lot of private house projects a year and all of them are successful. We hope to be able to complete the Dream Ville project this time as well on schedule and satisfy customers.

Dream Ville Data

The client sent us the 2D blueprint of the house. Our task is to rebuild the 3d model for the house. Next, like Arturehome design and install the technology or furniture into each room of this house. How to give customers a comfortable, private and comfortable living space as possible.

The layout of the Dreamville house project

This house is divided into the following specific layouts:

  • Floor 1: Living room, dining room and small but luxurious kitchen
  • Floor 2: Bedroom, office of the couple husband
The layout of the Dreamville house project

Besides, the house is also full of furniture for the owner to choose and express to our K-render about wanting to own them. Therefore, we have tried our best to be able to give our customers the living space they have always wanted.

Dream ville project’s 3D rendering process

Next, we’ll talk about the important factors when you’re rendering a house. What characteristics should we pay attention to?

Lighting of the room of the house

Lighting of the room of the house

After fully confirming the input files, we have received the client’s wish is the natural light of the house. With the expertise and qualifications of our architects, we have tried to give our customers the lighting that is pleasing to them as well as in harmony with the entire interior of the house.

Materials and furniture included in the Dream Ville project

The second most important factor is the materials as well as the items that make up the furniture for the entire Dream Ville private house.

Materials and furniture included in the Dream Ville project
  • Secondly, the furniture is made from the above material. However, the color is also considered by us after consulting the customer.
  • Thirdly, with expertise in design, rendering and balancing the subjective opinions of our clients, we used visualization tools to give the house a genuine look and sophistication. real, pleasing to the eye.

Shooting angles for each room

For small rooms, we always suggest suitable shooting angles for customers.

For the main rooms and have a larger area, the shooting angle will also have to change.

We need to choose the right shooting angles for the area so that the viewer can feel the entire space of the room through each 3D rendering.

Shooting angles for each room

Therefore, it can be said that the angle of the shot is the decisive factor in the 3D rendering or the whole process of designing a Dreamville private house.

  • Customers also have their own opinions, how to need and add more angles, so our working process has become faster.
  • After agreeing and agreeing with the customer on the stages of censorship on image quality, furniture.. We were able to send them the final pictures of the Dream Ville project.

Final feedback on the entire Dream Ville work

We are extremely grateful to the client for creating this opportunity for the entire team. Thank you customers for trusting us. They are extremely satisfied with the final product and the quality of work that K-render brings to this Dream ville project.