An Exterior 3D rendering design – Collin Celeste Resort

Collin Celeste Resort, with a floor area of 5000m2, is one of K-Render Studio major projects in 2019. This paper will concentrate on the factors that impact the work of portraying the building’s façade. As well as the difficulties our rendering artists encountered while completing the assignment.

The light of the project

The produced image called Collin Celeste project will be shown in a public space. Because our client’s requirement is urgent the point where day and darkness come together.

The light of the project

If the shot is taken in the daytime, the ambient light will be different. Rendering artists may use a number of color and contrast correction techniques to bring out essential characteristics in the design.

  • Despite the fact that this is an outside rendering, K-designers Render’s has focused on capturing the building’s inside lighting.

This seemingly counterintuitive art is all about creating a wonderful result.

Against the backdrop of a lakeside resort property nestled away in the pine forest, in the mist of night. The project shines brightly owing to the interior’s shimmering light. Given the range of their massive events, that’s a rather open question. When observed from afar, the light’s impact on the building creates a sensation of warmth and a desire to investigate.


Metal and stone were chosen as significant components for the project’s design because the resort is surrounded by woods. Both of these materials are highly long-lasting and durable.

Material of the project
  • In order to perceive such materials accurately, K-Render Studio needs perform considerable research. Because this is a perspective of the complete resort project, it will be impossible for guests to see all of the intricacies in this photo with the naked eye. Our rendering artists are having a lot of trouble with this. To make the image seem precisely how it does in real life, they’ll need to employ colors and methods.
  • In addition, there are wood features in the design. Because of its roughness and gloss, wood is the most challenging material to represent. Professional painters must know how to use palettes and color schemes effectively in order to achieve this. Polish the wood, paying close attention to the smallest details.

Interior rendering camera angle

As a demonstration, the work was done in a public space. As a consequence, the rendering artist will be able to choose from a larger range of shooting angles. The panorama from the peak, which spans the whole resort, is particularly stunning.

Interior rendering camera angle
  • Another option is to shoot horizontally from the front of the flat or right and left. The rendering artists will have to dig deep to find any shooting viewpoint that would allow them to show the outside project’s overall interior design marketing for your business objective.
  • The entire resort and features outside the apartment may be viewed from the top, but the diagonal viewpoint (left, right) allows tourists to better grasp the architectural components of the Collin Celeste resort.


The Collin Celeste resort has become increasingly popular and wants to experience living in that area since it was built in 2019. K-Render Studio, as one of the divisions responsible for the outside project’s success, strives to ensure that our clients are always happy and satisfied with the quality of our goods.

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