10 Hair Care Brands that are trendy in current time! 

Having gorgeous hair styles significantly depends on hair care products. With the prevalence of the hair care industry, which hair brand is prestigious or not? We are here to answer your concerns with the list of 10 leading hair care brands that are dominating now! 


Oribe is known as a fancy hair care brand with a variety of products. The long- term thriving of Oribe for such a long time is legendary in this beauty industry.

The hair care products offered by Oribe brand are totally for both professional or hair lovers, who always wish for the desired hair! The exceptional formula in each product represents the Oribe brand whenever you apply! This product is also suitable for human hair extensions as well. Every prestigious hair factory has recommended this.

Loreal Paris

Labeled as French, the customer segment of Loreal covers all various types, from ordinary people to celebrities with the aspiration to close the barrier for women. 

The motto “ because you are worth it” proves the truth that Loreal is more than a beauty hair brand, it is a powerful tool for women to become confident and be themselves with their value more than ever. With different types for different hair colors, this product will also help you try the best hair extension colors without worrying about color maintenance.


People around the world are likely accustomed to the hair care products from Unilever over time. With the mission to launch the most sustainable values to the world for beauty, Unilever is getting the most attractions from users through effective and special hair care products. Let’s try them out and share your experience about this UK brand! 

Shea Moisture

As its brand name, the dominant ingredient of hair care products offered by Shea Moisture is extracted from shea butter. For those who have no idea about shea butter, it originated from an African shea tree. With its amazing uses for hair, from collagen production promotion, moisturizing, and etc, the hair products of Shea Moisture are worthy for people to try! 


Though it does not come from a luxury brand, Kerastase became the icon and well- known salon brands.

This French hair brand still bears in mind to supply unique formulas and bring safety for people in use. To summarize, Kerastase is effective to meet the specific requirements for hair’s demands of customers. 


Following the formula from leading hair experts, Mizani spends most of their efforts in curls and coils, compared to others. 

Besides, Mizani also focuses on different hair strand texture and curl types to avoid hair problems for people! 


One of the determined factors for the success of legendary Pureology is how to choose organic ingredients of this brand. The motto of Pureology emphasizes large on color- treated hair from sulfate- free and vegan as well. To experience the performance for hair texture, don’t hesitate to order products from Pureoloy immediately! 


The USA hair brand get the attractions of users with the instant function for hairstyles with  gentle effective scalp therapy, instantly removing residue, or specific treatment for dry and damaged hair.

If you are worried about one of them, this hair care brand is a perfect choice for long- term. 

Shu Uemura 

Are you looking for a luxury brand, Shu Uemura- the art of hair is also a perfect option. With the promising market, this hair care brand always pledged to launch the collection of products which applied for a wide range of hair conditions, from hair oil, hair serum, hair strands with the best performance after the first time usage. 

 Head & Shoulder

Head & Shoulder is a recognizable hair brand whenever you are walking on aisles of a shopping mall thanks to its experience and prestige for such a long time.  

More important thing, Head & Shoulder is leading with the ability to address hair loss with amazing hair products. 

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