How to maintain baby lights for long-lasting time

Babylights can get lost in the shuffle of current hair coloring trends, what with highlights, balayage, ombre, and everything in between. Babylights, a variant of the foil highlight, are placed on discrete sections of hair rather than the whole head. Find out if the babylights hair trend is right for you by reading on!

Overview of baby lights

Baby lights are the way to go if you like the way highlights appear but are looking for a style that is a little less obvious, so get ready to fall head over heels in love with them.

Definition of baby lights

The process of making baby lights is extremely similar to the method used for making conventional foil highlights. The location of the highlights as well as the volume of hair that is captured between each foil make all the difference in the world. In order to give the impression that your hair was bleached by the sun in a natural way, just little areas of your hair are bleached at a time.

Baby lights, much like balayage and highlighting, include the purposeful placement of lighter areas of hair throughout the remainder of your hair so that they blend in. In order to achieve a natural appearance, highlights of an extremely finer thickness are often applied to the hairline, the part, and the ends of the hair.

The difference among baby lights, highlight and balayage

There are subtle aesthetic differences between the three methods, despite the fact that they all involve lightening your hair in targeted regions. Many people use baby lights in addition to other methods of hair lightening; this is what sets them apart.

  • Baby lights vs highlight: In spite of the fact that babylights are, in a strict sense, highlights, they give off an impression of being quite distinct from the weighty highlights that are more common. These highlights have a more natural appearance and feel, and they have the appearance of being kissed by the sun. They were obtained by applying bleach to small areas of hair using the foil method.

  • Baby lights vs balayage: Babylights, much like balayage, are meant to give the appearance of being carefree and natural. Balayage, on the other hand, is all about imitating the natural look of grown-out hair color, whilst babylights are all about generating tiny highlights that look like they were kissed by the sun. Foils are utilized by stylists in order to achieve the babylight appearance; however, foils are not required for the balayage technique.

Tips to get baby lights hair

Highlighting is popular right now, but it’s a technique that’s best left to the experts because it requires a high level of skill and knowledge to get a result that seems natural. In order to achieve a more subtle depth, the threads should be strengthened. If you don’t already have a trusted colorist, it’s in your best interest to look into your options (or one that is familiar with babylights). You can discover a colorist who is familiar with working with your hair type and has experience with babylights by looking through the colorist’s social media or by asking people you know for suggestions.

  • After you have found the ideal person to color your hair, you should have a conversation with your hairstylist about your objectives. Those who are conversant with babylights ought to immediately understand what you mean by this. It is also a good idea to collect visual representations of the colors you wish to pair. Some salons require that you schedule an appointment before they will even look at your existing hair color or listen to your choices.
  • Babylights normally cost around the same as highlights, however the price might vary greatly depending on the salon where you get your hair done.

The maintenance of baby lights

Babylights can be low maintenance in terms of grow out because they are designed to look like natural lighting. You should take special care of your hair after a highlight treatment because the bleach can weaken the strands. Hair that has been highlighted often feels dry and needs solutions to replenish its natural oils. Additionally, using a purple shampoo might aid in maintaining the vibrancy of highlights.

  • A decent blonde shampoo is worth the investment regardless of how subtle your highlights are. Redken’s purple shampoo is specially formulated to remove brassiness from bleached highlights while gently cleansing the hair, which is especially helpful for strands that have been bleached.
  • To combat brassiness while still hydrating your hair, try using a purple conditioner. This conditioner from Redken, together with the suggested purple shampoo, helps to preserve blonde babylights by shielding hair from dryness and damage while also leaving it looking cooler and brighter.

Hair bleaching can be drying to the hair, so using a hair mask is a terrific idea. This one has the extra benefit of leaving behind a purple tint, which mutes any potentially distracting brassiness.

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