Nigerian hair extensions: Top 3 most trendy hairstyles for ladies

In recent years, Nigerian hair extensions have become a very fashionable beautification procedure among women. It has affirmed its position in the hearts of customers. This publication will keep you up to date on the 5 most popular Nigerian hair extension trends.

Top 1 common Nigerian hair extensions style: Straight hair

One of the most popular Nigerian hair extensions styles is straight hair. Let’s discover it.

Straight and silk hair for Nigerian hair extensions

  • What are your thoughts on saying farewell to wavy curls in favor of long, smooth locks? Heavy summer style can make your hair frizz and unmanageable.
  • Silky Nigerian hair extensions of straight hair will make your hair better while maintaining its attractiveness. Isn’t this a simple and uncomplicated hairstyle? You can also curve the section of hair lightly to bring out the highlights in your hair.
Nigerian hair extensions straight hair

Nigerian hair extensions with a medium bob style

  • Bob haircuts of medium length, which are almost identical to short Nigerian hair extensions, will offer you a youthful and dynamic image as you stroll down the street.
  • This hairdo is suitable for any face shape. Your face will be accented if your hairline is somewhat folded down at the area of your collarbone.

Top 2 Nigerian hair extensions: Short curly hair

The top second most prominent Nigerian hair extensions is short curly hair.

Short curly hair is ideal among the kinds of Nigerian hair extensions

  • Are you enamored with the allure of short curly curls? A curly hairdo with a deviated part can give you a beautiful look. This hairstyle has the advantage of being able to complement the diverse structures of the other face.
  • Normal basic Nigerian hair extension styles with short haircuts like wavy hair will not go out of style, according to experts.
Nigerian hair extensions short curly hair

Nigerian hair extensions with natural wave curls

  • Did you know that one of the hairstyles that has caught the hearts of today’s youth is natural curly hair? It doesn’t require much work to maintain your hair curled or curl in a specific direction when you have natural curls.
  • Nigerian hair extensions will enhance your facial characteristics and let you sparkle in every scene, irrespective of whether you have light or dark complexion. Real wavy hair is a great option for females who enjoy tossing waves in the summertime.
Nigerian hair extensions natural wave curls

Hairstyles for Nigerian hair extensions with deep waves

Deep curls are one of the most prominent hair extension trends in Nigeria.

Nigerian hair extensions use a bob hairstyle with a side part

  • Consider bobs that are part of your hair if you’re interested in short haircuts like bob hairs. This hairdo goes well with a plain t-shirt and slim pants.
  • A slight alteration in hairstyle can have a significant impact. Women desire a feminine appearance, and the wavy weave will assist you in achieving that goal.
Nigerian hair extensions deep wave

Nigerian hair extensions with wavy black hair style

  • Are you frequently impressed by bouncy, shining hair? The hair’s curl and thickness of the hair are both amazing. You can definitely have lovely hair with Nigerian hair extension techniques.
  • The girls’ flowing black hair gives them a seductive appearance. Make one-sided braids and let the remainder of your hair fall over your back.

What is the best way to care for Nigerian hair extensions

These are the most important procedures for maintaining Nigerian hair extensions

What is the ideal route to brush Nigerian hair extensions

  • Comb your hair extensions with a broad comb or a comb made exclusively for hair extensions.
  • Brush hair from top downwards, dividing it into left and right parts as needed. When your hair is wet, avoid brushing it because this can cause damage and breakage.
  • Daytime and nighttime on a regular basis.

How to take care of Nigerian hair extensions

  • One of the most important things to remember while caring for natural hair extensions is to treat them as if they were your own hair. Wash your Nigerian hair extension styles well before washing them, and avoid using too much force on them. Soak your hair and shampoo it from root to tip. With your fingers, massage your scalp in between the connections. Please take note of the following:
  • Use a shampoo that has moisturizers in it. Serums with excellent moisturizing characteristics will give both your real hair and your extensions the hydration they require.
5S Hair Factory – the vendor supply the Nigerian hair extensions

In summary, above are the 3 most popular Nigerian hair extensions that can satisfy even the most demanding customers. If you want to contact us to order or learn more about this hair type, please call us: the best Vietnamese hair factory-5S hair factory – Ms.Lily (Whatsapp: +84855555754 

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