Ombre weft hair extension: Occupy the leading position in hair extension market

Ombre weft hair extension is a product that is very interesting by young people today and especially has become a trend for modern young people to use widely.

Why does Ombre weft hair extension exist?

Ombre weft hair extensions are designed based on today’s aesthetic needs. The more modern society is, the more users want to be different and stand out. The hair extension market understands the demand for these hair extensions so has launched this product that integrates both the convenience of weft hair extension and the creativity of ombre color.

Immediately after being sold on the market, this ombre weft hair extension product has captured the glory of the most popular hair extension products. Every detail or the best point of this ombre weft hair extension product is in the outstanding and novel colors it brings. Besides, the use of weft hair extensions to transform to make hair extension products is also what markets want to be able to continuously stimulate customers’ excitement for our products. hair extensions market.

The features of Ombre weft hair extension

The features of this ombre weft hair extension product are of interest because it is a modern trend in the field of hair extensions today.

Ombre weft hair extension: Diverse in type

Designed from a traditional product like weft hair extension, so this ombre weft hair extension product certainly has a lot of different designs.

  • One of the most popular products in the design of this ombre weft hair extension product is the tip/tape hair extension. Besides having the advantage of extremely striking and unique colors, the second advantage of the tip/tape ombre weft hair extension is the unexpected utility in using this hair extension product. Users, whether they are used to or new to using tip/tape hair extensions, can easily use it at home without the help of professional workers like with fixed hair extension products.
  • For those who love the quickness or convenience of hairpins, the clip hair extension product is definitely not to be missed. For this ombre weft hair extension product, the clips of the clip hair extension will make it easy for the user to attach anywhere on the hair and create beautiful highlights. Besides, the use of clips also makes users save a lot of money because it can be used many times with different ombre colors.
  • These ombre hair extension products have been very popular since their debut in the world hair extension market, especially among young people. So it doesn’t just stop at certain designs but it is also designed with many different styles such as sew in hair extension, hair wig, … But no matter what form the ombre weft hair extension product is in, this product is always loved by the way of using colors to combine them together in one hair.

The price of Ombre weft hair extension

A new product with extremely high sales, how will this product cost compared to the value it brings to users?

  • These ombre weft hair extension products are all made from the best hair source because to be able to create ombre hair color, the use of many chemicals for hair is inevitable. But in order to sell hair extensions to the market, this ombre weft hair extension product can still keep the softness as well as the color according to the requirements of customers, the markets need to handle a lot in advance, so the price of the product is usually higher than average compared to other hair extension products.
  • Moreover, its price is not fixed but depends on many factors. For example, an ombre hair extension product made with premium quality ingredients will cost much more than a product made with inferior quality ingredients. Or the color also determines a lot to the price because to be able to dye ombre colors is not easy, but it also depends a lot on whether the color is up to standard or not to be able to evaluate.
  • And the distribution of this ombre weft hair extension product in each market will also have differences in price even though the quality of the two products is similar. For markets with a high foundation, its price will certainly be high because in addition to space fees, they also have to pay a lot of taxes. As for the new market, the price may be more suitable for many objects because these markets need to stimulate the buying needs of users.

5S hair factory has Ombre weft hair extension

The Vietnamese hair extensions market is growing day by day, so catching up with the current trend is clearly visible. 5S hair factory has produced many of these ombre weft hair extension products from the Vietnamese single drawn weft straight hair extensions, double and super double drawn hair and sold them to the market with high consumption. The products that 5S hair factory provides are products that are carefully processed in color as well as designed in many different designs. In addition to the prestige of 5S hair factory which has been consolidated for many years since its appearance on the Vietnamese hair extension market.

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