Overview of contemporary style house – Arturehome project

In this article, we will introduce you to the rendering process of the Arturehome project.

General introduction about Arturehome project

This is a special project that we have planned to implement since 5 months ago. During handover and input data collection, we always follow up with customers and take care of them little by little such as Collin Celeste. We want to understand our customers in the best way so that the working process of both parties is as comfortable and easy as possible.

General introduction about Arturehome project

Layout of the house

  • 1st floor: living room, renders of kitchen in your house.
  • 2nd floor: bedroom and office.
  • 3rd floor: small bedroom and storage room. There are also many bathrooms and other good storage rooms.

The rendering process of the Arturehome project

In this important part, we will introduce you to the elements of the rendering process of the house.

Lighting of the project

Light in the visualization is divided into two types: artificial light and natural light.

  • Firstly, in this article we also want to introduce that the light used in this project is artificial light.
  • Secondly, artificial light is the lamp that also makes the color of the house more natural, not too bright. If we put the house in an evening perspective, the house will become even more mysterious and luxurious.

Materials used in the house

In this project, we mainly use brick, stone, etc. The above materials will help to make the room realistic and delicate.

Materials used in the house

Along with how to coordinate colors and know how to decorate and arrange.. we will make the product shown in the most authentic way and according to the customer’s wishes.

Photo angle of the Arturehome project

The last important factor is the photography angle of the Arturehome project. We have advised customers and consultants to use an easy-to-see and sympathetic perspective.

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