Queen Hair Factory is the most trusted Vietnamese hair supplier

Queen Hair’s establishment story

Queen Hair is Vietnam’s leading hair producer, with over two decades of experience in the industry. Ms. Jessica is the one who came up with the idea for Queen Hair Factory. 

Queen Hair is Vietnam’s most trustworthy hair manufacturer
  • Ms. Jessica is the eldest child of a farming family who has always wanted to change and help her family since she was a kid. Jessica went on to college, becoming the first member in her family to do so. After getting admitted into one of the country’s most prestigious universities, she was determined to make a difference. 

  • On a field trip across Vietnam’s western highlands, she discovered a new and possibly profitable business: human hair. After doing thorough study on the hair types of these individuals, she was inspired to open the first hair factory in Vietnam. 

  • She studied cutting-edge technology for years and learned how to apply it to the production process. She made a long-term deal with the people of the mountain to trim their hair once a month. In return, they will take care of their long, lovely hair, eat a healthy diet, and wash their hair with herbs. 

Queen Hair’s establishment story
  • Queen Hair has quickly grown to become one of Vietnam’s largest and most well-known hair makers, with a tremendous production capacity. Queen Hair now distributes tens of thousands of hair brands all over the world. 

  • As a consequence of her extensive experience in the area, Queen Hair is well-versed in her clients’ individual needs and the types of hair that must be produced. Queen Hair has a team of hairstylists dedicated to coming up with new hair extension ideas and increasing the quality of each hair type. Each of Queen Hair’s six departments is responsible for ensuring that each Queen Hair product reaches the customer in the best possible condition. 

Queen Hair is always confident in her products and goes out of her way to make sure customers are happy. Queen Hair’s has worked hard to develop over the previous two decades, and we appreciate all of our customers’ continued support and purchases of Queen Hair’s products.

The distinguishing features of Queen Hair’s products 

The three most noticeable attributes of the Queen Hair product are as follows: high-quality, low-cost, and diverse product selection 

The exceptional quality of Queen Hair 

Queen Hair products are high-quality and long-lasting. 

The exceptional quality of Queen Hair
  • Queen Hair collects hair from healthy women in Vietnam’s hilly areas. To keep their hair healthy and silky, these donors eat a well-balanced diet and wash it with herbs on a regular basis. 

  • Queen Hair is a hairstylist with a lot of experience. Queen Hair has been in the hair business for over two decades and knows how to style hair without harming it. 

Hair from Queen Hair may be purchased at an affordable price

The prices at Queen Hair are typically fair. For the following reasons, this is reasonable: 

Hair from Queen Hair may be purchased at an affordable price
  • The raw ingredients are sourced from Vietnam, which is where Queen Hair is located. This means that the company gets its hair from women all throughout the country. As a consequence, there are no hidden expenses such as shipping or operating fees, resulting in a low pricing. 

  • Queen Hair used low-wage workers and produced hair on a large scale. As a consequence, Queen Hair costs are reduced to a minimum. 

Queen Hair has a wide range of products to choose from

Queen Hair has a wide range of hairstyles in a variety of colors. 

Queen Hair has a wide range of products to choose from
  • Because Queen Hair products are of such high quality, they may be fashioned in a number of ways without causing damage to the hair. 

  • Queen Hair also has a lot of business experience, so they know exactly what their customers want in terms of style and color. 

Queen Hair ensures that the company satisfies three main criteria: excellent quality, reasonable prices, and a diverse choice of hairstyles. Queen Hair is also based in Vietnam, a country with a stable political climate and a variety of regulations that make import and export easier. As a consequence, the shipping process is always simple and efficient. If you own a hair salon, you should definitely contact Queen Hair for hair extension help and discounts. 

If you have any more queries, please contact us at (+84)844444829. (Whatsapp).

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