Raw hair bundles: The most exported source of raw hair today

It is a fact that nowadays raw hair bundles are an increasingly rare product so that the hair extensions markets are in great need of sources that can supply raw hair bundles for production.

The supplies of Raw hair bundles

Currently the hair extensions market is facing a rapidly increasing customer demand but there are not enough raw hair products to supply because raw hair sources are becoming increasingly rare and expensive. Raw hair bundles are a popular source of hair because it is highly selective of sources and hair extensions products made from raw hair bundles will be of much better quality than hair extensions products made from synthetic fibers.

The current suppliers of raw hair bundles mostly come from the Asian market because the economic situation here is still not as developed as the European market and in addition, Asians have a tradition of growing long hair together with many good features. Therefore, the raw hair bundles in Asia are popular in many hair extension markets.

The demand of hair extension markets for Raw hair bundles

The needs of raw hair bundles today are extremely diverse across many hair extensions markets so here are some of the prominent needs of these markets:

Quality grading of Raw hair bundles

The demand is so high, but the quality issue is always concerned by hair traders, especially when learning about the sources of raw hair bundles.

  • Depending on different markets, the quality of the hair extensions will depend on the source as well as the raw hair processing stages of each market. The fact that raw hair bundles are so sought after because when choosing hair sections to form raw hair bundles, the factory will usually choose hair sections of equal length and quality to easily grade quality and cost division.
  • Therefore, hair extensions markets when importing raw hair bundles will be able to easily process them into complete hair extensions products without having to go through complicated processing steps like when importing hair natural raw. Currently, raw hair sources are income from many different markets, so if a hair extension market wants to import raw hair sources, it will be very inconvenient, but now there are raw hair bundles that help reduce a lot of costs for those who want to import raw hair.
  • And even a normal raw hair product, the raw hair bundles are also divided into many different qualities. For example the best quality will be virgin raw hair bundles, followed immediately by the hair bundles coarse remy and last but not least the coarse bundles of non-remy hair. These qualities will determine whether the raw hair product made is of good quality and especially it determines the price of the finished hair extension products.

The wholesale hair markets provide Raw hair bundles

All raw hair products are sourced from a reputable source and these raw hair bundles are also sourced from markets with a very good reputation.

  • In the world today there are many hair markets that provide high quality and origin raw hair bundles, but at present the most prominent is still the Asian hair market. One of the reasons why Asia has become one of the prominent hair markets in the supply of coarse hair bundles is because the source of coarse hair in Asia is not only diverse in quality but also diverse in type.
  • Prominent hair markets in Asia can be mentioned as India, China and Vietnam are major markets in supplying good quality raw hair bundles to the international market. Raw hair sources in these markets have many good characteristics such as strong, soft hair and are very suitable for the production of hair extensions.
  • With the hair extensions offered from these markets, hair traders can rest assured that the raw hair quality has a high consistency in quality to the length of the products. When buying raw hair bundles, the hair extension markets want to receive a source of high quality hair for convenience in production and avoid unwanted risks.

Where provides Raw hair bundles in Vietnam: Vin Hair Factory

Vietnam hair market is one of the leading markets for raw hair bundles in Asia. Vietnamese Raw hair bundles products in general and of the Vin Hair Factory in particular are very soft and healthy because it is collected from the hair of young women full of vitality. Together with the weather in Vietnam, it has given the Vin Hair Factory – the best raw Vietnamese hair vendor more advantages to make high quality raw hair bundles to sell to the world market during a time when raw hair sources are scarce everywhere.

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