Vietnamese double drawn hair – the good option for all ladies

Vietnamese double drawn hair is the sort of hair that most hair resellers favor because of its high value. This post will show you everything you need to know about Vietnamese double drawn hair, including where to buy it. Let’s follow it from the start to the end.

The overview of Vietnamese double drawn hair

This first part will show the concept and features of Vietnamese double drawn hair that you should know.

The concept of Vietnamese double drawn hair

  • Vietnamese double drawn hair is a kind of hair manufactured entirely of Vietnamese hair, mainly from healthy, smooth-haired ladies in the mountains.
  • The hair will be carefully gathered and processed to produce a full Vietnamese double drawn hair bundle once it has been obtained.
Vietnamese double drawn hair

The characteristics of Vietnamese double drawn hair

  • Vietnamese double drawn hair endings: A 60-70 percent ratio of equal-length hairs evenly organized at the hair’s ends creates a feeling of lightness and completeness. Customers who prefer their coffee thick and smooth will love this.
  • Vietnamese double drawn hair has a natural strength and radiance. As a result, the quality of Vietnamese double drawn hair is regarded as ideal, impressing even the most discerning consumers.
  • Vietnamese double drawn hair is simple to style: Vietnamese double drawn hair is incredibly robust, and because of its high shine, hair stylists may design a variety of haircuts without bothering about it withering out.
  • Vietnamese double drawn hair can be coloured and bleached: Due to the natural characteristics of Vietnamese double drawn hair, it can be entirely bleached and colored, with a very high color criterion. The brightest hue that can be bleached is hair color 613, resulting in hair with lovely colors that please customers.
The characteristics of Vietnamese double drawn hair

What are the advantages of Vietnamese double drawn hair?

  • Vietnamese double drawn hair is thicker than Vietnamese single drawn hair and similar to Vietnamese super drawn hair in terms of size.
  • However, the cost of Vietnamese double drawn hair is quite low, and it is not as costly as super drawn hair.
  • Customers with shorter, wavy hair in Africa are particularly fond of this hair type due to its low cost and high quality.
The advantages of Vietnamese double drawn hair

Top 1 vendor of Vietnamese double drawn hair

If you are not sure how to find a dependable Vietnamese double drawn hair source, we’ll recommend the most dependable double drawn hair manufacturer in Vietnam.

  • 5S Hair Factory – Vietnamese hair factory has always been a dependable source of Vietnamese double drawn hair for customers all around the world. 5S Hair was constructed in 1989, and with over 30 years of expertise in the industry, 5S Hair can totally satisfy all client needs.
  • Original material: made by 100% Vietnamese real raw hair bundles in two main types: virgin and remy.
  • Product lines: Vietnamese single drawn hair, Vietnamese double drawn hair, and super double drawn hair, all of which will be produced into a variety of hairstyles ranging from straight to curly with which was before colors or made to order.
  • Expense: At 5S Hair Factory, the cost of all hair kinds is entirely reasonable and the finest in Vietnam, in all sectors to fit clients’ budgets.
  • Hair extension wholesale quality, particularly Vietnamese double drawn hair, is often praised for its durability, natural smoothness, and ability to do a variety of hairstyles without causing damage.
  • Suggested for: Distributors, merchants, newbies, and hair companies are all served by 5S Hair.
  • Feedback: Vietnamese double drawn hair of 5S Hair Factory has always been praised for its softness and excellent lightning ability, as well as its thickness and genuine look.
5S Hair Factory

To sum up, 5S Hair Factory, either retail or wholesale, novice or veteran, is the best place to purchase Vietnamese double-drawn hair because of its low price and high quality.

Contact: 5S Hair Factory’s manager – Ms.Lily (WhatsApp: +84855555754)

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