Things that you may not know about premade fan lash trays

This article provides crucial insights into premade fan lash trays. It introduces the concept of premade fan lashes, distinguishes them from other types of lash trays, and offers valuable reminders for purchasing and using them effectively.

Get to know premade fan lash trays

If you’re unfamiliar with premade fan lash trays, this section will provide an overview of their characteristics, compare them to handmade fan lash trays, and offer guidance to prevent confusing them with cluster lashes.

Premade fan lash trays are volume fans that are produced in advance

Premade fan lash trays are pre-made volume fans that offer a convenient and time-saving solution for lash artists. Here are some key features of good-quality premade fan trays:

  • Ease of Application: Premade fan lashes simplify the lash application process. As the lash extensions are already fanned out, lash artists can easily pick up a fan and apply it directly to the natural lashes, saving time and effort.
  • Multiple Lash Extensions: Each premade fan lash tray contains multiple lash extensions, allowing lash artists to achieve a fuller and more voluminous look with each application. This eliminates the need for individually fanning out lashes, resulting in faster and more efficient lash treatments.
  • Pre-Fanned Out: Premade fan trays come with lash extensions that are already fanned out in a desirable shape. This ensures consistency in the fan formation, direction, and spacing, providing a uniform and symmetrical appearance.
  • Bonded at the Base: The base of each premade fan lash is carefully bonded together, ensuring that the lash extensions remain attached and do not separate during the application process. This provides a secure and reliable bond between the natural lashes and the fan lash extensions.


Premade fan lashes offer lash artists the convenience of pre-made volume fans that are ready to use, saving time and effort in creating fans manually. However, it is important to source high-quality premade fan lash trays from reputable manufacturers to ensure consistent quality and reliable performance.

Premade fan lash trays vs handmade fan lash trays

When considering premade fan lash trays and handmade fan lash trays, it’s important to understand the differences and benefits of each option. Here’s a comparison of the two:

  • Premade Fan Lash Trays:
    • Time-saving Convenience: Premade fan lashes offer a time-saving solution as the lash extensions are already fanned out, eliminating the need for manual fanning.
    • Consistency: The premade fans in these trays are uniform in shape, direction, and spacing, ensuring consistent results for each application.
    • Suitable for Beginners: Premade fan lashes are ideal for beginners as they simplify the application process and provide a more manageable option for creating volume lashes.
    • Limited Customization: While premade fan lashes offer convenience, they have limited customization options compared to handmade fans. The lash artist has less control over the specific volume and spacing of the lashes.
  • Handmade Fan Lash Trays:
    • Flexibility and Customization: Handmade fan lash trays provide lash artists with greater flexibility and customization options. They can create fans of various volumes and styles, allowing for more personalized lash looks.
    • Tailored for Individual Lashes: Handmade fan lash trays are well-suited for clients with unique lash needs. The lash artist can adjust the fans to match the natural lashes, creating a more tailored and natural appearance.
    • Artistry and Skill Development: Creating handmade fans requires skill and artistry, allowing lash artists to showcase their creativity and expertise.
    • More Time and Effort: Handmade fan lash trays require more time and effort as each fan needs to be individually fanned out and shaped.


Ultimately, the choice between premade fan lash trays and handmade fan lash trays depends on the lash artist’s preferences, skill level, and desired lash look. Premade fan lashes offer convenience and consistency, while handmade fan lash trays provide more customization options and allow for artistic expression.

Beware of confusing cluster lashes with premade fan lash trays when sourcing lash products from vendors for eyelashes

Differentiating between cluster lashes and premade fan lash trays is essential when sourcing from vendors for eyelashes to avoid selecting the wrong items. Consider the following factors:

  • Differentiation: Understand the distinctions between cluster lashes and premade fan lashes in terms of their construction and application.
  • Purpose: Determine the specific purpose for which you require lash extensions and ensure that the product you choose from the eyelash vendor aligns with your intended use.
  • Vendor: Several vendors for eyelashes may provide a range of eyelashes, including both cluster lashes and premade fan lash trays. Choosing the right eyelash vendor for your lash businesses is of much importance. Source your premade fan trays from reliable vendors for eyelashes who specialize in lash products and understand the difference between premade fans and clusters.
  • Product Descriptions: Read product descriptions provided by the vendors for eyelashes carefully to ensure you are selecting premade fan trays rather than cluster lashes.
  • Technique Preferences: Consider your preferred lash application techniques and ensure that premade fan lashes are compatible with your chosen methods.


Differentiate between cluster lashes and premade fan lash trays to ensure you choose the correct products when sourcing lash extensions. Consider the purpose, product descriptions, and technique preferences to make the right selection.

Reminders for lash businesses when purchasing premade fan lash trays

In this section, we present important considerations for lash businesses when purchasing premade fan lash trays. These include addressing common misunderstandings between glue-bonded and heat-bonded premade fan lashes, comparing the benefits of long-stem and short-stem lashes, discussing the ideal type of glue for premade fan lashes, and highlighting situations where they may not be the optimal choice.

Common misunderstandings about the two most common types of premade fan lash trays

Misconceptions about the two most common types of premade fan lash trays can lead to misunderstandings. Let’s clarify these points:

  • Glue-bonded premade fan lashes: Contrary to the belief that glue-bonded premade fan lashes are heavy and lead to short-lived retention, they actually add minimal weight due to the micro amount of adhesive used. The strong point of this type is that the bonding at the base of the premade fan lash is better, ensuring a secure attachment.
  • Heat-bonded premade fan lashes: While heat-bonded premade fan lashes are often considered the best of both worlds as they add no weight, it’s important to note that they may not provide optimal bonding and, therefore, may not result in long-lasting lash extensions. The heat-bonding process can sometimes affect the adhesive’s effectiveness, leading to a weaker bond and reduced retention.


Understanding these common misunderstandings can help lash professionals make informed decisions when selecting the appropriate type of premade fan lash trays for their clients. It is essential to consider the specific requirements and preferences of the lash application to ensure the best possible results.

Long stem vs short stem when choosing premade fan lash trays

When choosing premade fan lash trays, it’s important to consider the stem length, as it can significantly impact the overall look and effect of the lashes. Here’s a comparison between long-stem and short-stem premade fan lashes:

  • Long-stem premade fan lashes: These lashes feature a longer stem, which extends beyond the lash line when applied. They are known for creating an “eyeliner effect,” where the longer stems give the appearance of a bold and defined lash line. This style is often chosen for a dramatic and glamorous look.
  • Short-stem premade fan lashes: In contrast, short-stem premade fan lashes have a shorter stem that sits closer to the lash line when applied. They are designed to provide a fluffy, fuller, and grander finish effect. These lashes offer a more natural and voluminous appearance, ideal for clients who prefer a softer and more everyday look.


Choosing between long-stem and short-stem premade fan lash trays depends on the desired outcome and the client’s personal preferences. Whether you opt for the eyeliner effect of long-stem lashes or the fluffy and fuller finish of short-stem lashes, both options can enhance the overall appearance of the lashes and create beautiful results.

Thin viscosity is the best glue when using premade fan lash trays

When using premade fan lashes, opting for a thin viscosity glue can offer several advantages. Here are some benefits of using a thin viscosity glue with premade fan lash trays:

  • Lightweight Result: Thin viscosity glue creates a lightweight bond, ensuring that the premade fans feel comfortable and natural on the lashes. It helps prevent the added weight of the glue from weighing down the lashes.
  • Precise Application: The thin consistency of the glue allows for precise application, making it easier to apply the premade fans with accuracy and control. This helps achieve a clean and seamless look.
  • Seamless Blending: Thin viscosity glue helps the premade fans blend seamlessly with the natural lashes. It allows for better adherence and integration between the premade fans and the client’s own lashes, resulting in a more cohesive and natural-looking lash extension.
  • Fast Drying Time: Thin viscosity glue typically has a faster drying time compared to thicker glues. This allows for quicker application and reduces the waiting time during the lash application process.
  • Compatibility with Premade Fans: Thin viscosity glue is well-suited for premade fan lashes as it easily bonds with the bases of the fans, ensuring a secure and long-lasting hold. It allows for effective bonding without overwhelming the delicate premade fans.


When using premade fan lash trays, selecting a thin viscosity glue can provide several benefits such as a lightweight result, precise application, seamless blending, fast drying time, and compatibility with premade fans. However, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions for the specific glue you choose to ensure optimal results and client satisfaction.

Premade fan lash trays are not always the optimal choice for lash businesses to buy wholesale

While premade fan lash trays offer convenience and time-saving benefits, they may not always be the optimal choice for every lash business. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Client Base: Understanding your clients’ preferences and needs is crucial. If your clients have busy schedules and limited time, premade fan lashes may be a suitable option as they require less time for application. However, if your clients prioritize a natural look or have specific eye shapes that require customized lash placement, handmade fans may be ideal.
  • Cost Considerations: Premade fan lashes can be more cost-effective in terms of time and labor compared to handmade fans. However, the cost per tray may be higher, especially for high-quality premade fans. Consider your budget and the profitability of using premade fans versus handmade fans in your business.
  • Customization: Handmade fans offer greater flexibility for customization. If you have clients who desire unique lash styles, different lengths, or specific volume preferences, handmade fans allow for more tailored and personalized results.
  • Skill Level: Working with premade fan lashes requires skill in selecting the appropriate fan volume for each natural lash. Lash technicians must be proficient in assessing the client’s natural lashes and determining the suitable fan volume. This skill is essential to ensure the proper weight, balance, and appearance of the lash extensions.


When considering the use of premade fan lash trays, it is essential to assess factors such as client preferences, cost considerations, customization options, and the skill level of your lash technicians. Understanding these factors will help you make an informed decision and determine whether buying premade lash fans wholesale is the best choice for your lash business and your clientele. Want to know more about buying premade lash fans wholesale, read this article at

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