K Hair Company: How to import hair extensions 

The hair market is booming at present and is being considered as a beneficial environment for businessmen. If you have an interest in this field and want to invest in hair extensions, this writing includes valuable information and advice from K Hair Company’s experts for the newbies and amateur. In case the name K Hair is new to you, this is the top hair company in Vietnam, which is a potential competitor of any other hair vendor around the world.


Firstly, whoever wants to take up the hair business has to get a deep insight into the products, the production and other related services. The hair extensions are generally the beauty products that help thicken and lengthen the real hair of users. There are various hair types such as tip in, tape in, ponytale, weft hair, wig… in order to meet the different purposes. The hair extensions have some typical materials: human hair, synthetic hair and fabric threads. In short, human hair is the highest-quality source of hair as its features are the most similar to real hair. It has a soft and smooth feeling when being touched as well as the shining look and does not get tangled regularly. The two other types are synthetic hair and fabric threads which have lower quality and shorter duration. They also do not look natural as the human hair extensions and can be easily tangled or broken.


At the present, human hair is becoming the most favored hair type for consumers and hair vendors thanks to its advantages. For instance, the products of K Hair Company are 100% made from human hair gathered from the native condors living in rural and mountainous areas of Vietnam. Vietnamese human hair from Vietnamese hair factory is recognized as the most luxurious hair material compared to other regions’ human hair as the weather condition in this country along with the little apply of chemical products on the hair makes the original hair healthy and silky. This great hair source after that is processed professionally by the secret technique from K Hair Company will become the outstanding hair extensions.


The price of human hair is slightly more expensive than synthetic and fabric hair. In addition, as the price goes with the quality, Vietnamese hair with the most luxurious quality has a higher price than the neighbor’s human hair such as Chinese, Indian, Cambodian hair. To be more specific, the human hair’ cost offered by Vietnamese vendor- K Hair Company has different grades depending on the length and quality of the hair extensions.


If you want to give hair business a try, it is advised that you should find a reliable wholesale hair distributor providing good quality products. Asia is at the moment the most active hair market with regular exportation of hair extensions and Vietnamese hair vendor is the most potential nominee for the top position. The reason is that their hair source is high-quality as mentioned before. They buy the hair from women grouped by the same characteristics of hair to assure the resemblance. Otherwise, Chinese hair factories import the hair from neighboring countries as well as gather mixed hair from native condors, which makes their hair extensions have different quality. Indian hair extensions are made from waste hair and dedicated hair to the temple; therefore, the hair source is diversified and of low quality. K Hair Company is proud to be the flagship vendor in Vietnam which distributes the most qualified human hair extensions and the finest customer service.


The Vietnamese hair market is beneficial and K Hair Company is a reliable partner for your business. K Hair is considered among the best raw hair vendors in Vietnam. It is simple to import the hair extensions from this vendor to anywhere around the world as long as you have the Internet and a delivery connection available. Firstly, the consumers should make a list of products that they want to purchase. Then you can come to the website of K Hair Company to get the contact of the manager, particularly the Whats app hotline. After connecting with the vendor, you can ask for further advice on products you have listed to confirm. The next step is discussing the contract of purchasing hair extensions. You should carefully pay attention to the payment method, the logistic service and related policies. When the two parties reach an agreement, you will sign the contract and pay for the deposit. It usually costs an amount of 50% of the total cost of the goods. Next step is to wait for the delivery and receive the hair extension products. Remember to have a regular check during the transporting process and have a check when the products arrive to avoid the loss. Finally, you will pay the rest of the cost and give the feedback and even commit to further cooperation.


The experts from K Hair Company also have some significant advice for the people in the African, American or European region who have already started their hair business. At the first time of selling, you should focus on a few main types of hair extensions that are common and trendy. The ideal options are bone straight hair, pixie curls as they fit almost face shapes and skin colors. In addition, you can take advantage of the Internet by selling products online. With not much fee for promotion, you can boost the reputation of your business on social media instead of investing much more money in building a physical shop. Last but not least, you should pay attention to developing the customer service to gain loyal consumers and great feedback for your business. As long as you have the faith of the consumers, your business will upspring quickly.


K Hair Company with the motto “Quality is King ” has been the trustworthy supplier of dozens of hair vendors around the world especially in Nigeria, Brazil, the US, the UK… The CEO of K Hair Company and his crew are day by day trying to move on and make their name cover more hair markets around the world.      

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