Order process of K-Agriculture a must-know step when working with them

The understanding order process of K-Agriculture and related payment terms is a must-know thing if customers intend to trade high-quality Vietnamese agricultural products, especially in bulk.

K-Agriculture BOD, staff, and foreign partners

Order process of K-Agriculture

The order process of K-Agriculture provides customers the most thorough steps of placing an order:

  • The company may provide testing samples as customer requirements
  • At least 1 ton of goods per order when you import different specifications of Vietnamese rice, Vietnamese pepper, or Vietnamese cinnamon.
  • K-Agriculture raw products meet both the Vietnamese and global standards. Preparing, checking, and transporting products is our responsibility to customers.
  • The order status will be updated daily, which serves the customer’s need for product tracking.

K-Agriculture is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer):

  • The company is responsible for supplying products satisfying customers’ expectations, including specification, package, transportation, composition.
  • K-Agriculture’s duty is to provide images and make calls to customers to keep track of the product status.
  • Product delivery happens only when all the requirements are confirmed officially
  • The order will be wholly examined before shipping.

Payment policy

Order contract under 20.000 USD 

Wire transfer form

Information required is swift code, bank account number, name: Recipient’s name, phone number, address


  • Please contact K-Agriculture’s phone number: +84 855555837 if necessary.
  • With Wire Transfer, money currency is defined in the form of USD.
  • Transfer fee: 30 – 50 USD (rely on the amount of money)

Western Union and Moneygram

  • Western Union and Moneygram are both very fast money transfer services.
  • Personal information of the sender, recipient, passport number, contact information, and legal purpose of money transfer is necessary. 
  • Provide the money transfer code for K-Agriculture to close the transaction.
Western Union – Money Transfer


  • The convenient and quick money transfer procedure
  • Customers may add a bank account, credit, and debit card to pay for the order.

Other 3 party

  • Partners can be intermediaries who represent customers for payment to pay the bill for with authentic identification for K-Agriculture.

Order over 20.000 USD with contract

Commercial representative

  • K-Agriculture encourages money transferred through the third party 
  • Commercial representative is required by Clause 11, Article 3 of Vietnamese Commercial Law 2005 and Anglo-American law.
  • Reduce risks and make the transaction more convenient.
  • Ensure product security.

Letter of credit

Customers need to commit the payment terms from an issuing bank.

K-Agriculture responsible for providing:

  • Provide a set of documents as the provisions of L/C
  • Submit document of company fulfillment of quality service and/ or products within the time specified in L/C
  • Documents required: Purchasing contract, commercial invoice, B/L (bill of lading), insurance document, C/O (Certificate of Origin), Packing list,…

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